Creafund NV
Kapitein Maenhoutstraat 77 B
9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
Tel.: +32 9 272 62 00
Fax: +32 9 272 62 09
BTW: BE 0476.260.102

CREAFUND CVA was established in November 2001 and transformed to an NV in 2019.

Today, CREAFUND has become an Industrial Holding that invests for the longer term, with a solid position in the Belgian landscape of private equity.

The Fund focuses on growth-financing of mature companies (in the capacity of international expansion, vertical or horizontal integration, management, organization, financials,) located at max. 300 km around Brussels representing an innovating product/technology and/or active in sectors that can give opportunities for consolidation as well as on MBO/MBI-operations (Management Buy Out/Management Buy In) in a deal size range of   20 - 100 mio.

Since 2001, CREAFUND has taken 22 equity stakes, of which 12 companies are still in portfolio today. It has an actual fund size of   100 mio and counts 45 shareholders. The Investment Committee and most of the shareholders are entrepreneurs that have been successful in business (some of them more than once) converting the growth of their business into cash through stock exchange, acquisition or merger. The management of Creafund retains 10% of the shares, the rest is spread amongst entrepreneurs.
Strengthened by their experience, these entrepreneurs have chosen to remain entrepreneurs. With a lot of effort they mobilize not only the equity, but also their own experience, the networks and their common sense. A strong deal flow (20 to 30 new investment cases per month) a pragmatic approach to deal with entrepreneurs and a solid support to our companies in co-operation with their management, have made CREAFUND an active partner for a lot of growing companies.