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Vision Healthcare

January 2019; Creafund has reached a partnership agreement with Vision Healthcare and the managers of Mylène NV.  Vision Healcare will obtain the acquisition of 100 % of the Mylène NV shares.  As a part of that transaction, Creafund has reinvested a substantial portion of its proceeds in Vision Healthcare in order to continue to support Mylène and Vision Healthcare's overall strategy.



End January 2018, through a MBO, Creafund acquired the majority of the share capital of Diresco NV, Opglabbeek, a producer of engineered stone composed of resin and granite or quartz granulates. A unique manufacturing process bonds these two materials into an incredibily strong product that is comparable to diamond. The produced slabs.

Through continuous innovation and product development, the bio-UV Technology used by Diresco guarantees optimum resistance against weather and sunlight making outdoor quartz applications possible (e.g. outdoor kitchens, exterior wall cladding,…).

Since 2003, Diresco has been able to offer an extensive product portfolio for high-end customers. This is achieved via a network of 21 dealers, spread across 11countries worldwide.


Creafund acquires a minority share in the TFF Group  
The TFF Group makes a unique and global selection for aging of wines and alcohols.

  • cask making : Producing casks and barrels
  • stave milling : splitting and milling stave oaks
  • wood products for wine-making
  • lumbering 
  • wine cooperage : using carefully selected "stave" oak to produce the barrels and casks needed to age the world's finest wines

The TFF Group is a global leader present on 5 continents, with nearly 1.000 employees. 


Creafund sells its shares in Veldeman Group to the Management and some private investors.


October 12

Creafund acquires with themanagement,  Mylène NV.


October 24 :

Beddeleem is ready for its new growth phase !

At the beginning of 2014, Hendrik, Koen and Jo decided - in the scope of the recent investments in production as well as in the selling of new products - to look out for a partner in order to accompany them in the next growth process of Beddeleem.  This growth can be achieved on an international level as well as through further product and service expansion.

Afther 6 months of in depth market search and discussions with several partners, they decided to choose Creafund.  The latter will strengthen the capital structure in order to enable this growth and by doing this, Creafund commits itself to the vision and experience of the existing team.  The new holding has an equity of 20 mio €.

The entry of Creafund will involve no changes in the managing of the company which remains in the hands of Hendrik, Koen and Jo, as well as the main shareholding of the company.  Herman Wielfaert will join the Board of Directors as President.

Beddeleem has a turnover of 60 mio € and is a financially healthy company.

Februari 12.

WABCO obtains 96.84 percent of Transics International shares by acquiring holding company Tavares NV for an implied purchase price per Transics International share of EUR 14.14



Tavares acquires the Transics shares of Generali and INGAM. Tavares holds now 96,93%.


Creafund takes over Herbafrost NV and Biominerals NV.


Creafund acquires a relevant stake in 2XL , a European transport and logistics solution provider, specialised in direct customer shipments toward UK.


Transics International: Tavares nv past the 74 % with 5.972.645 Transics shares



Creafund acquires a majority interest in ITC International Tire in Wommelgem. ITC imports forklift tires from Azië and distributes them. 

The company was established in 1979 by Jean-Marie Mespreuve; with 12 FTE, the company has become a profitable "KMO", operating in a niche market.


Transics International: Tavares nv past the 65 % with 5.344.723 Transics shares. 


September 26. Tavares NV and its affiliated persons will hold 66,1% of the shares in Transics International NV upon closing of the initial acceptance period and announce a reopening of the offer period. 


  • June 15. Group Ghistelinck becomes Zilverpijl Holding. Buy out by top & middle management. Creafund and H&H Capital Management hold 14,8%.
  • June 12. Tavares NV increases offer price to EUR 7.5 per share, and EUR 3.35 per warrant.
  • April 24. Announcement by Tavares nv that it considers a voluntary and conditional takeover offer. Transics International NV (Transics International) acknowledges that Tavares NV published a press release today, indicating that it is considering a voluntary and conditional takeover offer on Transics International. 
  • Transics International: Tavares nv (Stille Maatschap Transics shares) past the 30 % with 2.466.536 Transics shares.



The Sniffers International: the majority stake in The Sniffers International was sold to Carlyle. Creafund reinvested together with the management team and holds a minority stake in The Sniffers. 


Transics International: Creafund (Stille Maatschap Transics shares) past the 10 % with 878.629 Transics shares


Transics International: Creafund past the 5 % with 416.876 Transics shares. 



Transics International. Creafund bought a package of 110.037 Transics International shares 


June 30, 2010. Luxauto took over Car Rental. The car hire company had revised its ambitions considerably in view of our presence all over Belgium. This has resulted in an office in Vilvoorde, which was certainly very important. We have taken over the entire fleet (130 vehicles) and the staff by means of an asset deal. With a new branch in Vilvoorde, Luxauto now has twenty car hire offices spread all over Belgium. Vilvoorde is the largest branch.


March 9, 2010. IBt Bebig announced today that, because of recent developments, the acceptance period for the takeover bid on all IBt securities by Eckert & Ziegler AG and SMI Steglitz Medinvest has been extended to 4:00 p.m., March 17, 2010. 


  • February 25, 2010. The IBt Bebig Group has just announced that Belgium's securities regulator, CBFA, has approved the memorandum in response containing its Board of Directors' opinion and position on the mandatory takeover bid for all of the Group's ordinary shares made by Eckert & Ziegler and SMI Steglitz. Approval was received February 25, 2010. This memorandum, which is unconnected with the prospectus, was approved by the Board and written with the assistance of Petercam, the company's financial advisor. It is available as of today on the company's website, at: and on the CBFA website, at
  • February 23, 2010. IBt Bebig group announced today that the offering period of the takeover bid by Eckert & Ziegler AG and SMI Steglitz Medinvest for all IBt shares starts today and will run until March 9, 2010 inclusive. Press release.



IBt Bebig (Reuters: IBTH.BR – Bloomberg: IBTB BB) has been informed of the decision of the Eighteenth Division of the Brussels Court of Appeal on the appeals filed by Eckert & Ziegler AG (EZAG) and SMI Steligtz (SMI) of decisions in favor of IBt Bebig minority shareholder Creafund II and Belgian securities regulator CBFA. 

The appeals court judgment, which covers the three cases pending, can be summarized as follows:

  • The court has confirmed the CBFA orders of April 28 and May 27, 2009 stating that EZAG and SMI should be deemed "persons acting in concert" and that, because their ownership of IBt common stock exceeded 30 percent as of January 26, 2009, they are required to make a joint and several takeover offer.
  • The court has sided with Creafund in its suit to compel EZAG and SMI to launch a mandatory takeover bid and to pay damages.
  • The court has ordered EZAG and SMI to pay damages and legal costs.

The court points out that, the suits have become largely meaningless in practice, since a takeover offer has been initiated. 



  • December 28, 2009. Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik have submitted today an application file with the Belgian financial authority CBFA for a public take-over bid in cash for all outstanding 10.96 mm shares of EURONEXT listed medical device producer International Brachytherapy SA (IBt). The bid, jointly submitted with fellow IBt shareholder Steglitz MedInvest UG (SMI), offers 3.64 EUR per share, and hence has a maximum volume, at full acceptance, of about 40 mm EUR. The prospectus and the memorandum in response for the bid will be published after approval by the CBFA, which is expected to occur by the end of January 2010. With the take-over bid, Eckert & Ziegler and SMI aim at ending the ongoing litigation around IBt that now has lasted for almost twelve months. In order to facilitate a quick conclusion to all deadlocks, Eckert & Ziegler and SMI decided to proceed with a voluntary performance of the injunction that the Belgian financial authority CBFA had issued on 28 April 2009 and 27 May 2009, ordering both Eckert & Ziegler and SMI to launch a mandatory public takeover bid on IBt at 3.47 per share. Further, Eckert & Ziegler and SMI have increased the initial asking price of 3.47 EUR per share by the applicable legal interest (5.5%) to a price of 3.64 EUR per share, so that their offer also satisfies all claims brought forward against Eckert & Ziegler and SMI in a separate lawsuit by IBt shareholder Creafund II SCA.
  • December 2. IBt Bebig announced today that it has signed a Strategic Alliance agreement with Core Oncology, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, California.


October 5. The IBt Bebig group has completed the installation of a Multisource® Co-60 HDR (High Dose Rate) afterloader equipment in the Vajira Hospital in Bangkok, Thaïland. 


  • April 28IBt has been notified by the Belgian regulatory authority, the CBFA, of its decision, in accordance with European legislation, to impose on two of its shareholders (Eckert & Ziegler AG and SMI Stegliz Medinvest) to launch a mandatory take over bid on all IBt shares, type ‘B’ beneficiary shares and on all outstanding IBt “D warrants”. The imposed price for the regular shares is 3.47 EUR/share. The price is to be paid either in cash or in shares of Eckert & Ziegler AG, or a combination thereof. The period of the offer will start no later than 40 working days from this day (unless Eckert & Ziegler AG and/or SMI Steglitz Medinvest appeal against the CBFA decision)(28/4).
  • April 8IBt announces the successful conclusion of the negotiations on the creation of a Russian joint venture. The agreement related to the formation of "NanoBrachyTech", a Russian company based in Moscow, was signed today by the three parties involved. The new company will focus on innovative technologies for the treatment of cancer by brachytherapy in the Russian Federation. The first projects of the joint venture will encompass (1) the acquisition and/or development of the technologies related to radioactive nanosources, and (2) the launch of an R&D program related to the usage of brachytherapy for the treatment of liver cancer (8/4).


March 19. IBt - (Reuters: IBTH.BR - Bloomberg: IBTB BB) announces that it has filed an indemnification claim procedure against Eckert & Ziegler AG ("EZAG") for the breach of some of the representations and warranties made by EZAG under the terms of the agreement signed between IBt and EZAG in Feb08. EZAG has initiated a similar procedure against IBt. 

The next step of this procedure provides that both parties now seek to find a settlement of their claims. This process is currently well under way and will ensue, if succesfull, in no impact on the results of the company. 


February 16. Creafund II has introduced a claim before the Court of Appeal of Brussels whereby it alleges that Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG ("EZAG") (holder of 29.9% of voting rights) should be required to launch a mandatory public takeover bid at a price per IBt share of 3.47 euros, pursuant to Article 5 of the law of 01 April 2007 on takeover bids, as Creafund considers that EZAG acts in concert with SMI Steglitz (22% of voting rights). 



October 14. IBt and Eckert & Ziegler have reached an agreement whereby IBt will purchase two business segments currently operated by subsidiaries of EZAG: 

1. Treatment of Eye Cancer (Implants Plaques) 
2. Treatment of Gynecological Cancers (Temporary Implants) 


Through an LMBO operation, Creafund acquires a majority interest in Distrac NV in Hoegaarden, a wellcare products distributor. Distrac is the exclusive distributor of and provides (technical) services in the Be(ne)lux countries for a broad spectrum of products for hospitals, homes of rest and homes for the elderly, national health services, medical specialist shops and pharmacies. This spectrum includes orthopaedic materials, mattresses and pillows (Tempur®), beds and related furniture (Stiegelmeyer/Burmeier) as well as mobile seats and chairs (Ravello). 

The company was established at the end of 1992 by Johan Struyf and with 18 employees, the company is growing at a rate of 20% a year up to €11 million in 2007. 

The operational day-to-day management remains in the hands of Kris Struyf (who has strengthened his shareholder status) and Johan Struyf. Joh. Stiegelmeyer & Co GmbH, an important German manufacturer of hospital beds and furniture with a turnover of more than €80 million, also remains represented in the shareholders. 

By taking Creafund on board, Distrac wishes to ensure its future expansion. Because of the increasing greying of the population, a substantial growth can be expected in the sector in which Distrac is active. This also means that there is an important perspective on consolidation in this sector. As total package provider, Distrac wants to play a role, apart from internal growth, in looking at all possibilities to keep expanding its spectrum and market share with a focus on the medical sector. 


In Q3/2008, the Luxauto group was acquired for 100% by EJ Holding NV after a study into horizontal and vertical integration through acquisitions. The company hires out cars, vans and trucks on short and medium term through 16 establishments in Belgium. 


IBt’s manufacturing has moved to Berlin (Bebig/Ezag) completely since 1/7/08. The reorganisation in Seneffe is completed. Only the CEO, Sales & Marketing and Finance are left; manufacturing and R&D departments are located in Berlin. On 11/11, the afterloader department of EZAG was also acquired by IBt.


June 2. Ibt: Reorganization of the activities of the IBt group. 

This integration and reorganisation plan, if implemented, is intended to improve production efficiency at IBt and to achieve a better distribution of activities between the different group sites. 

The broad lines of this integration plan involve (1) concentrating at Seneffe the Sales and Marketing activities, plus R&D relating to the intellectual property held by IBt , and all the general parent company departments (Finance, HR, IR, legal, etc.) and (2), concentrating the implants production activities on the Berlin site. 

Out of a concern to respect all legislation in this matter, the company has therefore announced today its intention of closing the “Manufacturing” department of its Seneffe site and to proceed with a collective dismissal of workers. In accordance with the applicable procedures, senior management has proposed to the trade union organizations to initiate the information and consultation phase with a view to determining, on the one hand, the possibilities open in order to avoid or reduce the mass redundancies and, on the other hand, the social measures to be taken to attenuate the consequences of a collective dismissal. 


In April 2008, the decision was made to enter into two IIG funds: Nautilus and Ulitka. Nautilus invests in semi-industrial projects located in Eastern Europe. Ulitka invests in semi-industrial projects located in Russia. 2007 


Through a change of Articles of Association, Creafund transforms itself into an investment company (holding) with the aim of maintaining a long-term strategy in participations which lend themselves to it. This includes active participation in external growth opportunities. 



Creafund  acquires Mercedes concessionaire Ghistelinck, with main office in Waregem. Ghistelinck has five concessions in East- and West-Flanders (Waregem, Courtrai, Oudenarde, Mouscron and Deinze) and is specialised in cars and buses, vans and trucks of this German brand. Last financial year, the group recorded a consolidated turnover of €100 million. It employs 200 people. 

Rudy Van Baelen, CEO of The Sniffers, a recent participation of Creafund, has won the Unizo “SME entrepreneur of the year” award for 2006. 


Through a Management Buy In (MBI), Creafund  acquires a substantial interest in the fast-growing company The Sniffers in Mol, established in 1994 by Rudy Van Baelen. The existing management also remains in place. The company is specialised in detecting, measuring and analysing the emission of (fugitive) gasses in the chemical and oil processing industry and pipeline integrity inspections on land. 


On 26/07/06, Creafund took an interest of 55.07% in Exmore Technology in Beerse. 


Transics, a participation of Creafund and manufacturer of board computers for trucks in Ypres, was sold to the American Investment Group Carlyle, a global company with an impressive list of prominent (ex) politicians and business people as advisors and/or shareholders (from the Bush family and George Soros to the Saudi royal family). With its almost 300 partners, this group manages around 39 funds for a total of approximately $40 billion. This operation was intended to give the company more leverage to become a Pan-European player, since on a fleet of 3.5 million trucks, only 150,000 have been equipped with board computers so far. The 2 founders-managers, Walter Mastelinck and Ludwig Lemenu remain on board with 20%, whereas all venture capitalists (Creafund, Rendex, ABN Amro, TrustCapital and Stroke Fund) have exited. This is Creafund’s biggest operation ever and its interest of more than 15% provides substantial added value with important IRR(>30%).