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CREAFUND Comm. VA was established in November 2001 and is converted into an industrial holding company who focuses on Growth Financing of mature companies (in the capacity of international expansion, vertical or horizontal integration, management, organization, financials, ...) representing an innovating product and/or active in sectors that can give opportunities for consolidation, as well as on smaller MBO/MBI-operations (Management Buy Out/Management Buy In).  

So far Creafund has taken 20 participations; actually 11 remain.


January 2019; Creafund has reached a partnership agreement with Vision Healthcare and the managers of Mylène NV.  Vision Healcare will obtain the acquisition of 100 % of the Mylène NV shares.  As a part of that transaction, Creafund has reinvested a substantial portion of its proceeds in Vision Healthcare in order to continue to support Mylène and Vision Healthcare's overall strategy.

End January 2018, through a MBO, Creafund acquired the majority of the share capital of Diresco NV, Opglabbeek, a producer of engineered stone composed of resin and granite or quartz granulates. A unique manufacturing process bonds these two materials into an incredibily strong product that is comparable to diamond. The produced slabs.

Through continuous innovation and product development, the bio-UV Technology used by Diresco guarantees optimum resistance against weather and sunlight making outdoor quartz applications possible (e.g. outdoor kitchens, exterior wall cladding,…).

Since 2003, Diresco has been able to offer an extensive product portfolio for high-end customers. This is achieved via a network of 21 dealers, spread across 11countries worldwide.


In a century the TFF Group has constructed a unique and global business specializing in wood to age fine wines and spirits. Today, TFF Group is the world leader with a presence on five continents and both hemispheres, always close to production sites and to its clients. It deploys and markets a comprehensive range of dedicated products and services, through more than 40 entities and their 30 or more specific and complementary brands.

Beddeleem has been an absolute benchmark in the construction industry since 1950.  In addition to manufacturing and installing relocatable partitions under the JB® brand name, Beddeleem is also involved in system ceilings, fixed partition walls and in fit-out.  Recently, Beddeleem has launched its modular office furniture systems.  More information can be found on www.beddeleem.be

Exmore is an industry provider offering different processing solutions to its customers throughout the world.
The innovative automatic and semi-automatic equipment is designed to help customers to create a bigger productivity and meet modern safety standards. Exmore sells solutions for Cable & Wire harness production, Electronic production, Welding technology and Laser & HP coding solutions.  

Processing Machines as: Wire and Cable cutting, stripping, crimping, testing and several other Machines 

  • Application Tooling
  • Coding solutions, HP ink jet coding and Laser coding solutions 
  • Electronics Specialised inspection equipment, Fully automatic soldering machines, SMD assembly lines, Reflow systems, Vapor Phase Soldering systems, Coating machines, Pick and place machines.
  • Welding equipment, Resistance welding technology, Laser welding technology, Laser marking technology.
  •  Customer made solutions
Exmore solutions excel both in terms of performance and economy of operation. In addition to the significant productivity gains, its customers are particularly impressed by the following product features:

  • User-friendly operation 
  • Consistent product quality 
  • Ability to handle a vast range of applications 
  • High reliability and long service life    

      Through an LMBO operation, Creafund II acquires a majority interest in Distrac NV in Hoegaarden, a wellcare products distributor.

      Distrac is the exclusive distributor of and provides (technical) services in the Be(ne)lux countries for a broad spectrum of products for hospitals, homes of rest and homes for the elderly, national health services, medical specialist shops and pharmacies. This spectrum includes orthopaedic materials, mattresses and pillows (Tempur®), beds and related furniture (Stiegelmeyer/Burmeier) as well as mobile seats and chairs (Ravello).

      The company was established at the end of 1992 by Johan Struyf and with 18 employees, the company is growing at a rate of 20% a year up to €11 million in 2007.

      The operational day-to-day management remains in the hands of Kris Struyf (who has strengthened his shareholder status) and Johan Struyf. Joh. Stiegelmeyer & Co GmbH, an important German manufacturer of hospital beds and furniture with a turnover of more than €80 million, also remains represented in the shareholders.

      By taking Creafund on board, Distrac wishes to ensure its future expansion. Because of the increasing greying of the population, a substantial growth can be expected in the sector in which Distrac is active. This also means that there is an important perspective on consolidation in this sector. As total package provider, Distrac wants to play a role, apart from internal growth, in looking at all possibilities to keep expanding its spectrum and market share with a focus on the medical sector.            

      Pharmaceutical company
      Production of non-sterile medicines, nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

      Nautilus Equity Fund

      Ulitka Equity Fund  


      The share's of Mylène NV have been sold to Vision Healtcare en offers a new string to Vision Healthcare's D2C omni-channel approach as a market leader in "home parties" by bringing quality products directly to the customer (D2C) in the categories Beauty, Home and Style.  Vision Healthcare will actively support Mylène's further expansion both in bringing additional product categories, like food supplements and healthy shakes, as well as operationally and financially backing its set out patch of growth.



      With its outstanding technology and flexibility, today Veldeman Structure Solutions is one of the leaders of the world market for the development (Veldeman has a high-tech research and development division), production (with in-house fabric manufacturing and a metal division), rental (with its own maintenance division), and sale (with a worldwide network of distributors and dealers) of high-quality structures. In addition, Veldeman has its own installation teams who build structures worldwide.  


      Producer of IQF herbs.

      European transport and logistics solution provider, specialised in direct customer shipments towards UK.

      Full exit 2017

      Ever since 1978, Spekindustrie Van Maele has been producing traditional natural barding fat. Thanks to the flexibility of its staff and the quality of its products, Spekindustrie Van Maele has evolved into an internationally renowned company and one of the major European players in this nichemarket.

      As a partner of a lot of processed meats companies, Spekindustrie Van Maele aims at obtaining a close collaboration with its customers, the growing success of the company being the best proof of our strategy and expertise.

      Spekindustrie Van Maele produces barding fat in all sizes and types, according to the customer's requirements. But it also produces for the meat-packing industry, such as rindless back fat, rind and cutting fat, all this in any shapes or weights according to the customer's requirements.

      Full exit July 2015

      Driven by passionHome

      Zilverpijl Holding, incorporates by her two subsidiary companies Group Ghistelinck and Luxauto, a vision of modernity, professionalism and quality in automotive.

      Autobedrijven Ghistelinck, with its roots dating back to 1950, is one of the largest official Mercedes-Benz dealers in the Benelux. With 5 divisions on the E17 highway, namely Moeskroen, Kortrijk, Waregem, Oudenaarde and Deinze, it cuts through the whole of the South of West-Flandres.

      With an excellent A to Z service, group Ghistelinck keeps on evolving and growing. Services offered are selling, leasing, renting, and the maintenance and repair of vehicles, as well as for example glass repair, tire stock, and a tacho service. This one stop shopping approach leads to strong results in sales as well as after sales, be it personal cars, vans or trucks.

      Luxauto is one of the largest players on the automotive rental market in Belgium. Founded in 1945, the company offers a complete line of vehicles, through 16 branches in the Flanders and Wallonia region. They not only rent out vans or personal cars, but also refrigerated vans and trucks.

      The renting formulas are made to suit every client’s wishes. Both companies as well as individuals will find their liking. With a strong position in short term rental, Luxauto also offers interesting options for medium and long term renting.

      Luxauto alternates and changes it’s car park on a very short time interval, which clearly benefits the client. The vehicles are always up to date, with the newest options, but also more safe, more ecologic and easier to handle.

      On June 2010, Luxauto took over Car Rental. The car hire company has revised its ambitions considerably in view of our presence all over Belgium. This has resulted in an office in Vilvoorde, which was certainly very important. We have taken over the entire fleet (130 vehicles) and the staff by means of an asset deal.

      With a new branch in Vilvoorde, Luxauto now has twenty car hire offices spread all over Belgium. Vilvoorde is the largest branch.

      3 companies who share one and the same passion: a passion for quality and client satisfaction.

      2012 June, 15. Buy out by top & middle management. Creafund en H&H Capital Management (Herman Wielfaert) hold 14,8 % of the shares.  

      Full exit June 2014.

      the sniffers

      The Sniffers, started in 1991, is a 100% Belgian owned and operated service company, specialized in fugitive emission monitoring, flare emission monitoring and pipeline integrity inspections. We plan to be the leading European service company in the field. This goal can only be reached by continuous improvement of our services and a quality guarantee for current and future customers.

      Our experience in all sorts of leak detection resulted in the development of two software products that are tuned on data management of fugitive emission monitoring (SFEMP) and of flare emission monitoring (FLAME). As owner of these software products, we continuously try to improve and adjust these products to fully guarantee customer satisfaction. Customers receive updates of our products within terms of the licenses we sell along with our products.    

      Our Safety and Quality assurance shows what we do to improve the working environment of all parties involved. The Sniffers can proudly state that because of extensive safety training for its personnel and constant co-ordination during any monitoring, no accidents have occurred since the start of the company. A safety overview is being created of any site we work on, to make sure what measures to take in case of any emergency situation.

      Our goal is to complete projects safely, efficiently, cost competitively and with no impact on the environment. The Sniffers takes pride in assisting its customers with personal one-on-one service to fully satisfy their project needs.     

      The majority stake in The Sniffers International was sold to Carlyle in November 2011. Creafund reinvested together with the management team and holds a minority stake in The Sniffers.

      Transics is a passionate, international team of telematics experts, serving the transport and logistics industry. The company thinks and operates on a large scale: “Our solutions are finding their way to countless European carriers and we have become a market leader in high-end fleet management”.

      Transics provides a total suite of solutions, helping carriers with the management of trucks, drivers, trailers, cargo and orders. Every solution is developed with one goal in mind: help the customers raise their productivity while trimming costs.

      Transics has been quoted on the stock exchange (Euronext Brussels) since June 2007 and can rely on the support of powerful shareholders, who ensure a healthy financial structure and demand a transparent policy to safeguard our future.

      In october 2010 Creafund II bought a first package of 110.037 shares. A year later Creafund past the 10% with 878.629 shares.

      In 2012. Creafund, H. Wielfaert, W. Mastelinck, L. Lemenu and Uniholding grouped their Transics shares in Tavares nv and launched a public bid on Transics International. So far Tavares holds 73,9% of the shares of Transics International.

      In November 2013 Tavares bought the Transics Shares of Generali and INGAM. Tavares holds now 96,93% of the shares of Transics International.

      12 Februari 2014:  WABCO obtains 96.84 percent of Transics International shares by acquiring holding company Tavares NV for an implied purchase price per Transics International share of EUR 14.14

      Full exit February 2014.

      Full exit December 2014

      Bencis / Nesbic

      Bencis Capital Partners is an independent private equity firm targeting medium sized companies in the Benelux countries. Owned by its partners, Bencis Capital Partners is fully independent and is established through a friendly spin out of the buy out team of NeSBIC from NeSBIC Groep B.V., a Fortis subsidiary. Bencis Capital Partners is responsible for the management of Bencis Buyout Fund I (established in 2000) and is fund manager of Bencis Buyout Fund II (established in 2004) and Bencis Buyout Fund III (established in 2007).  

      Bencis invests in solid companies in various industries that are led by strong and ambitious management teams. The companies have leading positions in their respective markets and are well positioned for further (international) expansion.  With offices in both The Netherlands and Belgium, Bencis is the only independent private equity group that exclusively targets Benelux head quartered medium sized companies.    

      Full exit November 2014.


      IBt Bebig is a European based group, active in the Medical Device segment of the Health Care sector. 

      FULL EXIT ON 7/6/2010 towards Eckert & Ziegler.